Reducing Maternal Mortality


  • Uganda has the 37th highest maternal mortality rate in the world
  • Hypertension is the second most common cause of maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Maternal mortality is caused by remoteness from health centers, shortage of skilled workers and lack of awareness among pregnant women


  • Objective: Reduce maternal deaths due to hypertensive disorders
  • Marconi Young Scholar Dr. Joseph Kakande teamed with Makerere University and Nokia Bell Labs
  • Three teams focused on developing an end-to-end mobile app
  • Phase II kicked off with Human Centered Design Workshop involving 33 participants from Makerere University and local women’s health groups


  • Created a mobile app to track the health of pregnant women and identify potential for hypertensive disorder
  • Developed a database to track patients, generate reports for doctors and store data
  • Built a web application to schedule health care visits

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