Increasing Civic Engagement


  • Rwandan citizens are not able to share ideas with lawmakers in real time when Parliament is initiating bills
  • Laws are frequently mis-understand after being published by the government
  • Lack on interaction between citizens and Parliament is delaying development in Rwanda


Create an app that will
  • Inform the public of the daily discussions to be held in Parliament.
  • Present the drafts bills which are in Parliament so that citizens can give their comments.
  • Present the constitution of the Rwandan government so that citizens understand their rights.
  • Link users to their usual social media for a convenient one-stop experience.


  • The team created a mobile app and dashboard that allows interaction between Parliament and citizens to increase the flow of information and idea-sharing.
  • The app provides real-time updated information about bills being initiated in Parliament and allows citizens to provide input.

Thanks to our Supporters and Partners