Reducing Traffic Accidents


  • Over 200,000 people in India perished each year in road accidents
  • Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 19-25
  • Buses hitting pedestrians and cyclists are a leading cause of death


  • Objective: Reduce fatalities due to traffic collisions
  • Marconi Young Scholar Dr. Aakanksha Chowdhery of Princeton University teamed with eight universities in India and Google
  • In 2017 (Year 1), four teams focused on creating video analytics and alerts to notify drivers of potential collisions
  • In 2018 (Year 2), a student team prototyped a solution that allows multiple vehicles to talk to one another at low latencies (tens of milliseconds) to send real time alerts about possible impending collisions to drivers behind them to prevent chain-reaction car accidents. Learn more
This system leverages computer vision to classify a given scenario as one that may result in collision. Then the system uses vehicle to vehicle communications to broadcast alerts. Each vehicle, acting as a node, broadcasts information about its speed, location etc. and the other nodes receive and process this information based on the degree of relevance that the message holds. The solution approach was designed over Xbee radios as a low-latency solution (~30-40ms) available off-the shelf at low cost.


  • 36 students participated
  • Created testbed at IIT Delhi with Year 1 prototype
  • Poster presentation shared at top-tier ACM MobiCom conference
  • Technology is under consideration as a use case for 5G pilot deployment at IIT Delhi
  • Students are motivated to continue graduate school in the field

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