Reducing Traffic Accidents


  • Over 2000 people die each year in Ghana due to traffic accidents
  • 20,444 vehicles were involved in accidents and 2076 people died in accidents in 2017 (Motor Traffic and Transportation Department)
  • Many traffic deaths are due to broken down vehicles on the side of the road


  • Objective: To reduce road accidents by alerting road users to disabled vehicles
  • Use GSM/GPS technology to obtain and send locations of disabled vehicles to alert other road users on their screens
  • When the status of a vehicle changes, its coordinates are checked with all other coordinates in the database to see if any of them are within a distance of 1km from each other
  • A marker is displayed on the screens of other devices to show the location of and distance to the damaged vehicle


  • The prototype was created at the college`s Innovation Center enabling 10 students to engage in using the Internet of Things as part of a problem solution
  • The prototype was designed to reduce road accidents and fatalities
  • The prototype has been presented as an innovative project at various presentations by the college Innovation Center

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